Agoge Jiu Jitsu (AJJ) stems from Jiu Jitsu Factory (JJF) and also competes at tournaments under this name. Jiu Jitsu Factory started out as a small group of schools led by Mathieu and Willem Peters and is currently one of the leading BJJ teams in the Netherlands. AJJ members are always welcome to train with the other JJF schools.

These schools can be found in: Arnhem, Den Bosch, Deventer, Emmeloord, Haarlem, Oss, IJsselstein, Utrecht, Westervoort and Zwolle.

At an international level, AJJ is affiliated with the Jiu Jitsu Foundation International Association (JJFIA). This organization was established by Cadu Francis and Mathieu Peters and aims to support the affiliated schools and individual members in practicing BJJ at every possible level.

In practice, this means that JJFIA provides lesson plans, makes technique lessons accessible online, supports competitive athletes by offering training / periodisation programs and organises seminars and guest lessons for its members.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that aims to bring your opponent to the ground by means of getting a takedown/throw/shoot as quick as possible and continue the fight on there.

He who can fight on the ground has the best defense because on the ground "skill" determines much more than "luck". Standing up, everyone - trained or untrained - can throw a good punch or kick once, so that a situation changes completely. On the ground you need to know what you are doing before you can control a situation and change it in your advantage. The goal is to get a dominant position and make sure you control your opponent. Then you try to force your opponent to give up by using a joint lock or a strangulation.

The idea behind BJJ is that a small or weaker person with the right techniques and movements can defend themself against a stronger and bigger person. BJJ is therefore very suitable for light and small people and of course also for women. Maybe that's why it's the fastest growing martial arts in the world.

You can practice BJJ at Agoge Jiu Jitsu (AJJ) as a self-defense sport, but also as a competitive sport during Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and / or Grappling (no Gi) matches. If you want to go one step further and use the power of BJJ you can use it in MMA / Shooto competitions.

The training at AJJ consists of a good and tough warm-up, followed by technique training and finally sparring for the last 30 minutes to an hour. Sparring and the continuous repetition of exercises and (basic) techniques play an important role within BJJ because a good execution of techniques and movements requires a lot of practice.

In Nijmegen, AJJ pays a lot of attention to the basis of BJJ, making it relatively easy for beginners to join. However, for advanced practitioners, there is plenty to learn from the techniques taught by our coaches. In addition to training together and participating in competitions, AJJ also feels that the social part of club life is very important. For us, this means that a number of times a year activities are organized that not only focus on BJJ but also offer the opportunity to eat and drink together.

In short, Agoge Jiu Jitsu offers a complete BJJ and Grappling program for anyone who wants to be able to defend themselves, become fitter and stronger and/or compete at home and abroad. And all within a fun and driven team!


´╗┐Kata garuma - Fireman's carry

Inside heelhook

Back triangle

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