Bas van der Wolk - Black Belt

Bas teaches every Tuesday to both youth and adults. As founder and professor of AJJ, he directs the club and ensures the quality of the teaching material and the level of all AJJ's jitseiros. In addition, he is responsible for the promotions within the club.

Bas himself is a student of two of the BJJ pioneers in the Netherlands: Mathieu and Willem Peters. In 2005 Bas started training under Mathieu Peters and in 2007 he started training under Willem Peters. Ultimately, Bas was awarded his black belt in 2017, which means that AJJ has a professor who has a strong basis on which the lessons are based.

In addition to the professor, there are currently two assistants who teach classes on the days Bas cannot be present due to work obligations. Together they have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for years, have a lot of competition experience and work with a monthly lesson plan.

Michiel Nilwik - Purple Belt

Our house gorilla - not tame, unfortunately - that will probably be reborn as a steamroller after he dies. Michiel radiates calmness and not just when he is crushing his training partners to dust. With a background in sports (strength and fitness training) and coaching (sports coach in a care facility for the disabled and a prison), Michiel has a wealth of experience and skills that he can draw from during his lessons in both group and one-on-one situations.

Patrick Stephan - Purple Belt

The Dr Jekyll /Mr Hyde at Agoge Jiu Jitsu. In his daily life Patrick is studying to become a general practitioner, in the hours that remain he conducts pain experiments on his training partners. The latter is a joke of course. Patrick does use his knowledge of the human body to innovate his jiu jitsu. In addition, as a lightweight, he is always looking for new effective techniques and systems to be able to beat the larger / heavier / stronger jitsukas.

Agoge Jiu Jitsu

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